About the Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals outline a framework and calls to action for ending world poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring peace and well-being for all its people. The SDGs are the most pressing and complex social issues currently facing the earth. The UN created these global goals and put measurements in place to determine what needs to be achieved and how to track the progress toward the target completion date of 2030.

The use of this free tool will allow a simplified breakdown of the Sustainable Development Goals and provide a guide for navigating through the information and implementation of each goal. By breaking down each goal into consumable sections, we hope you'll be able to maximize the impact of the SDGs and bring about greater change.

Your Guide to Leveraging the SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals

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Search by NTEE, ICNPO, or NAICS code to find the goal (or goals) that correlate to your nonprofit sector. Or, check out the complete list of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to see the comprehensive breakdown of each goal, their targets, and indicators—and how they play a direct role in the improvement of our world.

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Due to the complexity and changing nature of the Sustainable Development Goals, this is a working tool that will continually be updated and revised when necessary. Please note that the intricacy of a topic like the Sustainable Development Goals and the mission to build a peaceful, prosperous planet comes with several caveats. Our breakdown of the aligning SDGs to nonprofit sectors are suggested based upon your best available matches. There may be characteristics and targets found in other Sustainable Development Goals that align better with your mission. We recognize that these issues facing our world today are interconnected and cannot be solved without collectively working toward progress on all. For example, the global crisis of poverty affects every goal and is not exclusive to Goal One.

The Blackbaud Institute SDG Connector is a resource to simplify and provide an answer to the question "how do we make the world a better place?" While we know there is no single, simple answer to that question, there are helpful steps everyone can take to help achieve the SDGs. It is our hope that bringing attention to these goals can guide change and redefine the daunting task of “making the world a better place.”

You are invited to learn more about The Global Goals Mapping Tool in a one hour, on-demand webinar. The Global Goals Mapping Tool is a comprehensive resource that maps giving and volunteerism using both the IRS National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) codes and the United Nations International Classification of Nonprofit Organizations (ICNPO) codes to classify the activity and programs of charities and connect them to the SDGs. During this webinar you will see an overview of the tool, understand the role that each partner organization has related to the Global Goals and come away with a better understanding of how the Tool would be useful in helping you better understand the impact of your grantmaking. Register for the webinar here.

This tool was created with the help of our partners: Council on Foundations, Candid, and Global Impact, who share our goal of seeing the implementation and success of the SDGs to provide a better future for all.

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