About Us

The Blackbaud Institute team and partners work to power the future of social good.

We bring together leading innovators and experts from every type of institution, from nonprofits and businesses to academic institutions, to foster diverse perspectives, collective thinking, and collaborative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

Through our collective passion for good, we’ve built a library of content that informs our readership while being receptive to their personalized needs, so they can continue making the world a better place.

Advisory Board

In support of the Blackbaud Institute’s mission to bring together the best minds in philanthropy and accelerate the impact of the social good community, the Blackbaud Institute’s Advisory Board supports the development and sharing of leading-edge research and insights. The Board, comprised of credible and knowledgeable experts from across the sector, guides the Institute in broadening the scope of resources the Blackbaud Institute builds for our audience to accelerate the impact of their work.

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