Today and tomorrow’s evolving social issues can’t be solved with yesterday’s approaches. Many in the nonprofit sector have realized that having a mentality of scarcity leads to scarcity of success. This creates painfully high turnover and unsustainable relationships between constituents and organizations. A culture shift is necessary to allow our organizations and individuals to be more agile in achieving our missions and spreading social good.

However, this kind of culture shift cannot be achieved unless the entire organization is on board. It’s time for a frank discussion on the role each and every one of us—from leadership to board, database managers to finance teams—can and must play to foster an open, innovative culture of philanthropy.

Join this panel of experts as they get the conversation started by sharing their perspectives on what building a “culture of philanthropic innovation” truly means for today’s organizations. They’ll discuss the trends shaping the future of the sector and the practices you can employ at every level to ensure that everyone in your organization is nimble, open, and ready to meet those changing needs.