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Annual Donors

Annual donors are those that regularly contribute to your organization. Gifts to an annual fund typically support the yearly budget and include gifts made through a variety of fundraising channels, including online giving, direct mail, email appeals, events, and more.

Predictive Factors

The best prospects for annual gifts tend to share a unique set of characteristics that draw upon their affinity and capacity to give regular gifts. To a certain extent, these characteristics are highly predictive for annual gifts. Annual gift donors are generally more likely to:

  • Belong to specific generational age groups, depending on your organization
  • Live in areas where residents have a higher propensity to make a gift to you
  • Have common interests identified through product purchases, reading materials, or other consumer habits
  • Be philanthropic in general
  • Have a loyal and positive giving history to your organization, though some may have waned in their giving or are not current donors

While factors like income often correlate with charitable giving, income alone is not a sufficient indicator for prospecting. Predictive factors can help to identify those most likely to and capable of making a gift to your organization.