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Asian American Donor Community

Data suggests that Asian donors are generous, with their donor participation mirroring their population size. We can dive deeper into these insights to examine the charitable priorities, habits, and attitudes of these individuals to meaningfully engage them.


According to the Diversity in Giving study, well over half of Asian donors are women (60%), whereas 40% are men. Mirroring national trends, Boomers are a significant philanthropic generation among this community, with 33% of Baby Boomers making up the donor population, followed by 29% of Gen-Xers, 25% of Millennials, and 13% of Matures. Asian donors also have similar levels of income and educational attainment as Caucasian donors. 40% of Asian donors reported earning a college degree, and 42% a post-graduate degree. As a group, Asian donors are younger, more likely to be educated, female, and liberal.

By contrast, Asian donors are less likely to donate toward religious causes or places of worship. 42% of these donors said that they are less likely to feel responsible to support nonprofits because of their faith. With a variety of giving priorities, religion is not as important of a driver of philanthropy for Asian donors.

Source: Blackbaud Institute, Diversity in Giving


Giving Priorities and Engagement

Place of worship is absent from the top three Asian giving priorities. 33% of Asian donors prioritized giving to health organizations, followed by 35% that prioritized children’s organizations and 35% that prioritized local social service organizations. Place of worship is a close fourth, mentioned by just 34% of Asian donors. Compared to donors overall, Asian donors are more likely to support emergency relief (29% of Asian donors compared to donors 23% of donors overall), formal education (24% compared to 16%), and youth development (18% compared to 14%).

Compared with donors overall, Asian donors are more likely to visit a nonprofit’s website before supporting it (40% compared to 27% of all donors). Additionally, nearly half of Asians are more likely to support a friend or family’s request for a donation to a cause, and this group is nearly twice as likely to give via crowdfunding.

When viewing past giving channels and habits, we see that Asian donors are more likely to say they have given online via an organization’s website, as stated by 39% of Asian donors compared to 31% of all donors. Generous donors with a habit of planning and researching their philanthropy, Asian donors are more technologically connected and willing to use alternative channels to donate.