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Audience Building

Social media is about human connection. No matter the platform, it’s all centered around humans wanting to build relationships. That makes it a perfect addition to your organization’s campaign strategy. After all, your goal is to grow your audience into a community of generous supporters.

Content and Building an Audience

Social media can do a lot of things for a brand, but it’s merely a tool that channels your overall communication and engagement strategy. Creating content, engaging with your audience, and serving as a customer service operation is a lot of work. Create a social media plan that is realistic and works for your organization.

Dedicate your organization to whatever platform(s) you choose. There’s nothing worse than going to an organization’s profile to learn more and finding out that it hasn’t been used in years. Think about where your personas are likely to be.

Make sure the audience is aware of your social presence! Think of all the ways your audience can engage with your organization. Make sure there’s a connection point to each one. A live event is the perfect time to encourage audience members to take photos and post online with a specific hashtag.

Build a content calendar that is easy to manage and makes sense for your organization. This can include key events or other moments that you want to mention on social media, reminders to post and engage with audience members, creating events on social platforms, etc.