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Convert Advocates into Donors

Advocates are often your most passionate supporters, but converting them from action-takers into gift-givers requires intentional effort. Understanding how their donations can help create change can be a bit of a mystery for the average political action-taker. Read on for best practices in converting your advocates into donors.

Best Practices

Explain to your supporters how their donation impacts your organization and helps meet your mission. You can do this in a variety of ways—from sharing a personal story to adding an infographic that shows how the organization uses individual giving funds. You can even offer designations that allow a donor to choose where their money goes. Just be sure to explain why each of those is important to reaching your organization’s end goals.

Organizations tend to see a spike in support when they are in the news, but you must take a proactive approach to ensure that your supporters are aware when your issue is in focus. Regularly monitor the news for issues and opportunities that you can email your supporters about. And if, in the past, you’ve usually used these as ways to get people to sign petitions or call their representatives, try switching out some of these messages for donation requests. You might be surprised by how many are willing to shift their action to making a gift.

Supporters who are regularly engaging in advocacy actions for your organization make strong candidates for sustainer giving. Instead of asking people to donate $60 all at once, ask them to donate $5 monthly over the course of a year. It’s easier for people to justify this small expense, and that means they are more likely to donate. It’s also helpful for your organization, since sustainer gifts can mean a predictable revenue stream every month. Try asking for a small one-time amount on the donation form: perhaps $5 or $10. Then encourage them to make it a monthly gift instead.