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Data Culture

Maintaining your organization’s data requires that your team actively learn and embrace their role in data management.

Building a Data-Friendly Culture

Many organizations have team members who understand data and are excited by the opportunity to leverage it, but far fewer have the bandwidth to do it. Worse yet, some have powerful, informal rules of culture that get in the way. To facilitate data learning at your organization, you might first start by assessing your culture. What is truly valued and rewarded in your organization? If you want to demonstratively elevate data’s status, you need to emphasize and reward using it, especially if it goes against the way things have always been done in the past. Look deeply at where your organization and team’s understanding of data lie and move forward from there.

To make any culture change, you’ll need support from across your team. Identify those data allies and try to give them the support and resources needed to lead this change across your organization. Build in time for those less familiar with or more anxious to work with data to understand these changes and try to demonstrate that a new culture around data appreciation can align with both their goals and the organization’s.