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Formatting Your Content

From your header text, to your font and style guides, the way that you format content has an effect on your audience’s response. Read on to learn more about formatting your copy for impact.

Best Practices

After you’ve settled on the “why” and started writing for your audience, you’re in a good place to begin formatting your piece. Structure and formatting are integral to your writing, because your content has to look readable and be easy to digest.

At this point, you might already have some natural headers to start pulling out and organizing your content under. If you don’t, play around with making paragraph breaks in the content. The headers should follow a logical pattern, even if they’re not numbered steps, so that the reader understands, at a glance, what they’re getting into.

Don’t scare readers away with a chunky block of text! Bulleted or numbered lists and short paragraphs help make the content less daunting. Consider the best way to convey the information in your piece. Are there logical steps you’re asking the audience to follow or simply separate data points?

Remember that the goal of your content is to attract audiences to read your work. You can do that by thoughtfully crafting content that looks inviting and easy to understand.