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Landing Pages

While your website is a broad introduction to your organization, a landing page is a hyper-tailored information center with a specific purpose. With a captive audience, you could ask them to take a specific action. Read on to learn about perfecting your website’s landing page.

Best Practices

According to the Charitable Giving Report, online giving in the United States has increased 9% compared to 2020. Your landing page copy should be direct and devoid of distractions. Keep the following in mind when creating a landing page:

Consider the purpose. A landing page has a designated purpose usually related to a marketing or fundraising campaign. An audience member can land here in several ways, but there should only be one action available on the page, whether that’s donating or signing up to volunteer.

Have a simple and clean URL. Create a URL that is easy to remember and can be easily shared. A URL with one to two key words is ideal.

Keep pages updated. Be mindful of keeping your landing pages updated, especially in the case of events, or redirect to another page after the campaign has ended. If a user stumbles upon an old page, you want them to be redirected to relevant information.