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Major Donors

Major donors occasionally contribute to an organization with a gift that is larger than the ongoing annual support gift amount. While the exact amount constituting a major gift tends to differ for each organization, many choose to set a minimum major gift threshold based on analysis of their donor file.

Predictive Factors

The best prospects for major gifts tend to share a unique set of characteristics that draw upon their affinity and capacity to give major gifts. To a certain extent, these characteristics are highly predictive for major gifts. Major gift donors are generally more likely to:

  • Have more flexibility to give based on positive credit information
  • Have accumulated assets
  • Be at certain life stages that indicate they’re the appropriate audience for a more substantial gift
  • Be educated
  • Be interested in supporting a variety of philanthropic missions
  • Have a loyal and positive giving history to your organization, though some of them may not be current donors

While factors like income often correlate with charitable giving, income alone is not a sufficient indicator for major gift prospecting. Predictive factors can help identify those most likely to and capable of making major gifts.