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Mid-Level Donors

Mid-level giving has historically been associated with making a gift in the range of $1,000–$10,000, though this varies depending on the size of an organization’s donor file, their mission type, and their average donation size.

Predictive Factors

When we compare mid-level to major gift prospects, you may expect to see a significant gap between financial measures like net worth, income, investments, or discretionary spending. Although the median amount invested by major donors is only 19% larger than the median amount for mid-level donors, it is only 13% greater for each of the other three categories, which helps dispel the myth that major gifts are tightly correlated to disposable income.

Looking at other demographic and financial information, we can observe statistically insignificant differences between the real estate values of mid-level and major giving households. The average length of residence between these two groups is also identical, averaging 12 years based on assessments from Blackbaud Target Analytics®. There is a strong correlation between the length of residence and gift amounts, showing that these households may be more settled and possess a better picture of their financial capacity. Between both mid-level and major donors, it has also been found that the average head of household age is 57 years old. In a composite view, this data suggests that the separation of demographic or affluence attributes for mid-level and major giving prospects are not as significant as intuition may suggest.