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Organizational Alignment

According to the Charitable Giving Report, December continues to be the largest month for charitable giving, with 20.1% of all gifts donated that month. Given the significance of this trend, you’ll want to ensure that your organization is positioned to make the most of the generosity that occurs during the end of the year. Read on for tips to align your team around your end-of-year campaign.

Best Practices

To make the most of end-of-year campaign, you’ll want to align your organizational departments for success. Ideally, your organization has integrated a culture of philanthropy to make sure that all staff and departments understand the role that they can play in fundraising and advocacy. For many organizations, this starts at the leadership level. When you are planning your annual budget, what types of funding do you allocate to an end-of-year campaign, and how much do you project to earn? If your organization is following typical giving distributions, you’ll likely earn a bulk of your dollars in December.

Rely on data-backed tools to help you benchmark your monthly fundraising performance and share these amongst your board of directors and leadership team to help them understand the significance of an end-of-year campaign.

You should use this understanding to motivate your team to get excited about this time of the year. By educating your team on how end-of-year giving fits into the full picture of your mission impact, you’ll set the stage for crucial, unified efforts well before December