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Overall Online Giving

Chart your organization’s performance and inform your fundraising strategies for the year ahead with this review of online giving statistics, highlights, and trends.

Year-over-Year Online Giving

According to the Charitable Giving Report, online giving increased by 6.8% in 2019. 1 This was a return to strong online giving growth rates, in line with trends experienced prior to 2018.

This is further demonstrated by a broader view of giving over the last 36 months ending in December 2019, which revealed a 9.6% increase in online giving over the last three years. A longitudinal view of giving provides a more representative perspective of what is happening with charitable giving across the United States.

1 2020, Blackbaud Institute, 2019 Charitable Giving Report

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Online Giving by Organization Size

In 2019 large nonprofits, with annual total fundraising more than $10 million, experienced a 4.9% increase in year-over-year online giving; medium sized organizations with annual fundraising revenue between $1 to 10 million grew their online giving by 7.1%; and small nonprofits with less than $1 million in annual fundraising revenue increased by 8.3% year-over-year.

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Online Giving by Month

2019 showed a spike in online giving during the month of December, which captured 19.8% of all online donations. This underscores the significant amount of online giving organizations still drive through end-of-year campaigns. Ensure that your organization is equipped to take its end-of-year campaigns online and offline. You must convey a key message that resonates with supporters. Think about what you want to say and how to tweak it for each platform.

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Online Giving by Subsector

According to the Charitable Giving Report, Environment organizations experienced the highest online giving growth in 2019 with a significant, 10.4% increase in online giving. Alongside this subsector, Animal Welfare organizations also experienced double digit growth in online giving. Only the Medical Research subsector experienced a decrease in online giving in 2019 compared to 2018.

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Mobile Giving

The Blackbaud Institute has measured the growth in online donations made on mobile devices for many years now. In 2019, an estimated 26% of online donations were made using mobile devices. This has grown steadily since 2014 when it was just 9% of online donations.

Today’s social good organizations must be mobile friendly in order to compete. Your supporters expect to be able to find information about you with just a moment’s notice, and mobile devices provide for that ease of use.