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Peer-to-Peer Programs

Peer-to-peer fundraisers are fantastic champions for your organization and help bring in a literal wealth of resources to you. With smart, targeted cultivation, you can harness that passion to build momentum and convert peer-to-peer event donors to organization donors.

Predictive Analytics for Peer-to-Peer Giving

By leveraging data elements, you can start to fill in the gaps in your prospect file, better target your fundraising campaigns, and increase your fundraising program’s return on investment.

Data providers can now quickly append a set of attributes to your donor file to assist in fundraising campaign segmentation. Events bring out all kinds of supporters, and not every event donor is going to give again. They may not ever give outside of an event. That’s normal, but some people do give again. Predictive data will help you determine who is most likely to give to your cause.

Using predictive analysis, you can optimize your donor lists to see who has the ability to give, and most importantly, assess whether known givers to other organizations are similar to yours. Techniques like segmentation allow you to focus on individuals that have a high history of being response donors. Targeting your communications to these individuals will save on campaign costs and increase your campaign’s return on investment.

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