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Welcome Series

To find success at the end of the year, you need to cultivate your donors all year long. With a plan in place to engage your current supporters, you can turn your attention to building a strategy for stewarding the new and re-engaged donors who’ve found you. A welcome series can do just that.

Best Practices

A welcome series is an automated series of emails sent to new supporters over time. It can educate and inspire new supporters, without making them feel like you’re only reaching out to them for donations. Follow these three steps to build out your welcome series.

Decide on the key messages you’d like to express. Start with what you need to say, and determine how many emails this might take. If someone was new to your email list, what would they need and want to know about you?

Begin with the end in mind. Try mapping out a six-month series. How much would you convey? Maybe you send three emails over six months, or maybe you send one email per money over six months. There’s no need to panic here, as a welcome series provides an opportunity to repackage some of your existing content. Maybe one of your previous email campaigns was a smashing success or you have a templated thank-you email from your executive director. Get creative with what you have and how you can keep using it to welcome new supporters.

Automate it. Once your content is identified and templated, rely on tools like email automation systems to segment, filter, and automatically send your series to new subscribers.

By leveraging your existing content and automating your emails, you can save time while providing new subscribers a curated introduction to your work.

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