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The emergence of cloud computing has changed the way people around the world conduct business, create works of art and support causes.

The growing use of cloud-based technology allows nonprofit organizations to focus on their services, programs, and respective missions rather than investing in expensive, time-consuming IT infrastructure. However, even as a majority of nonprofit organizations inch toward realizing the benefits of a more cost-efficient and productive work environment, there are still major opportunities for advancement being left on the table.

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In this eBook you’ll answer key questions, like:

  • What is “the cloud” and how is it different than the software I use today?
  • Is the cloud right for me and my nonprofit technology needs?
  • How can I be sure my constituent data is secure and accessible whenever I need it?
  • What type of costs should I plan for, and will moving to the cloud be more cost effective than my on-premise solution?
  • How do I determine when to make the switch from an on-premise solution to the cloud?
  • How does cloud technology support the fundraising and development office?