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Use the New Free SDG Connector Tool
Match your organization's mission and strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals to align funding opportunities and maximize your impact. Try the SDG Connector today.
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New: 2021 Charitable Giving Trends
One of the most credible sources on fundraising performance in the social good community, the 2021 Charitable Giving Report offers a look at how charitable giving performed last year, with best practices to boost your performance.
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New Research
Donor Expectations vs. Their Experience
Find out how charitable giving behavior has changed in the last 18 months and what today’s donors want—and expect—in 2021 and beyond. Read Tipping Point: Aligning with Supporters in a Changing World for free now.
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Out Now: Donor Retention Toolkit
2020 provided a unique opportunity; for only the second time in at least a decade, nonprofits experienced a spike in new donors. Access the new Retention Toolkit for a complete guide on stewarding and keeping your new donors.
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Our Mission
The Blackbaud Institute brings together the best minds in philanthropy to develop and share leading-edge research and insight that accelerates the impact of the social good community.
Who We Are
We bring together leading innovators and experts from nonprofits, foundations, businesses, government entities, and academic institutions to foster diverse perspectives, collective thinking, and collaborative solutions to the greatest challenges in philanthropy.
What We Do
The Blackbaud Institute works with partners to convene experts, conduct research, and uncover strategic insight from the most comprehensive data set in the social good community, sharing it broadly—all in order to drive effective philanthropy at every stage, from fundraising to outcomes.

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The Blackbaud Institute will rely on collaboration and dialogue across the philanthropic sector and beyond.

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