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Spotlight: 2023 Trends in Giving
We know that 2020 and 2021 saw historic peaks in giving, with an outpouring of generosity sparked by the pandemic and social movements. The question has been: will this generosity prevail? A new spotlight from the Blackbaud Institute looks at trends across thousands of organizations to answer that question. Find out the results.
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The Blackbaud Institute is a research lab illuminating essential operations of the social impact community. Through research grounded in Blackbaud’s philanthropic dataset – the world’s most robust – and leading sector expertise, the Institute explores fundraising, nonprofit financial management, CSR, grantmaking, education, and more.
Development Plan Toolkit
Get your three-step guide to strategic fundraising! This new toolkit, with three customizable worksheets, guides you through the steps of creating an impactful development plan, whether you’re securing a major gift, building relationships with new donors, or looking for new strategies to keep your sustainers engaged.
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npEXPERTS, Game-Changers: How to Galvanize Supporters as Charitable Events Evolve gathers leading industry experts to answer you most burning questions on the evolving landscape of fundraising events. Hear from the experts!
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