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In The Future of Fundraising, sixteen leading nonprofit experts have come together to share innovative trends, nonprofit fundraising ideas, and best practices that will help nonprofits with donor retention to keep their supporters in focus in a new era of philanthropy.

You’ll learn about the changing world that our sector mirrors and that constituents don’t exist in a vacuum—their lives and actions are shaped by the changes and trends developing around them. Our experts will teach you why we as fundraising professionals are responsible for translating these developments into the world of philanthropy to keep constituents involved.

From peer-to-peer fundraising to giving days, new trends put donors in the driver’s seat, letting them shape their involvement to match their giving preferences. Our experts share what this means for how we measure the impact of our outreach and programs.

As nonprofit professionals, we are the creators of the future of fundraising. It’s our responsibility to ensure that tomorrow’s nonprofit sector continues to evolve alongside the world at large.