Supporters In Sight Part 2: A Look at Affluent Donor Personas

Can you identify your best major giving prospects?

In Part 1 of the Supporters In Sight series, we identified what personas are and how you can use them to connect with supporters. In Part 2, we’re examining how they can help determine your best major and midlevel giving prospects. Uncovering your major givers’ unique motivations, this report explores the key indicators you should be looking for and the ways you can use affluent donor personas to connect with your highest-impact supporters.

Start reading to discover:

  • Key wealth indicators that demonstrate a donor’s capacity to make a major gift
  • Profiles of the core donor groups in your constituent population
  • How to segment persona-driven messaging that benefits your major, midlevel, and annual fund campaigns

Include persona models in your organization’s strategy today to create a more complete picture of your highest-impact supporters. Download the report to get started!