All generations are not created equal. Are you optimizing your outreach and fundraising to connect with each?

The Next Generation of Canadian Giving reveals multichannel preferences and charitable giving habits of Generation X, Generation Y, Baby Boomers, and Civics. Learn how differences among these generations affect their charitable behavior, and how understanding those differences is crucial to your fundraising strategy.

For example:

  • Gen X is giving in high numbers and is an important generation to watch.
  • It’s time to lay to rest the generalization that digital is for young people only. All generations value a mix of online and offline communications and giving channels.
  • Generation Y has distinct priorities and preferences with regard to causes they support. Notably, they are far more likely to demand accountability and transparency than older donors.
  • The value of some channels, e.g. social media, is undervalued if measured by transaction, as opposed to engagement, metrics.

By knowing the engagement and giving preferences of your constituents in each generation, you can better predict – and guide – their support to help you reach your mission.