Supporters In Sight

Can you identify the core supporters in your database? The Blackbaud Institute’s Supporters In Sight series dives into the importance of using personas to bring your supporters into focus. Part One: An Introduction to Personas examines what personas are and how you can leverage them to curate personalized engagement strategies with your supporters. Part Two: A Look at Affluent Donor Personas explores how persona modeling can help you identify and connect with your highest-impact supporters in your major, mid-level, and annual fund campaigns. Part Three: A Look at Peer-to-Peer Personas uncovers your peer-to-peer supporters’ unique motivations and describes how to target the individuals most excited about your cause. Part Four: A Look at Direct Marketing Personas delves into the importance of targeted, persona-based messaging in mail, email, social media, and text campaigns.

With fewer donors giving to charities, your relationships with those who are still giving prove more valuable than ever. Start reading now to learn how you can embrace persona models in your organization’s strategy.



Part 1:
An Introduction to Personas

Part 2:
A Look at Affluent Donor Personas

Part 3:
A Look at Peer-to-Peer Personas:

Part 4:
A Look at Digital Marketing Personas