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Frequency of Engagement


Frequency of engagement measures how many points of contact per donor your organization makes. This might include emails, letters, phone calls, texts, event attendance, meetings, and any other types of contact you determine are “engagement.”


By tracking frequency of engagement, you’ll be able to dive into the strength of your engagement strategy. High engagement could be a sign of a healthy donor relationship, whereas low engagement could point to a few red flags in your stewardship model. Consistently tracking this frequency across various types of engagement will allow your organization to track the efforts that lead to more successful appeals and to tweak your strategy to your supporters’ preferences.

You can rely on systems like your CRM or other internal tracking tools to start measuring frequency of engagement at your organization. You’ll want to first define the types of engagement that you will measure and develop a system where you can continually input data on interactions. Depending on the type of organization you work with, you may combine data from a CRM, a ticketing system, and a volunteer system. Ideally, these would have the ability to “speak” with one another to minimize manual data entry. You’ll be able to segment by donor personas or assess specific individual’s levels of engagement.

To get started, refer to the free Engagement Strategy Worksheet included in the Development Plan Toolkit: Your Three-Step Guide to Strategic Fundraising to get a high-level view of how frequently you are are in contact with each donor segment. From there, you can refine your approach based on feedback, engagement metrics, and best practices.