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Giving by Generation

An examination of generational giving trends provides vital information that supplies social good professionals with knowledge of their current and future supporters. Generational cohorts have distinctive giving habits and preferences that have been influenced by the events and cultural factors that shaped the world as they were growing up. In turn, social good professionals can arm themselves with this information about the evolving attitudes, beliefs, and donor expectations of these generations to shed light on the inner life of donors and their actual giving behaviors.

Self-Reported Donors

Findings from The Next Generation of American Giving show that, with the exception of Baby Boomers, since 2013 each generation has seen a decline in the percentage of cohort members who say they give to charity. This trend agrees with a growing body of research suggesting that even as total dollars donated grows, the population of givers is contracting. With wealth concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, this trend is hardly surprising.

With a declining donor population, organizations should continue to prioritize retention and sustainer programs that focus on stewarding existing supporters and welcoming them deeper into the folds of your work.

Source: 2018, Blackbaud Institute, The Next Generation of American Giving