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Social Media Metrics

Social media plays an immense role in building an awareness of your brand, cause, and mission. Compared to direct mail or even email, social media platforms are often totally free and have built-in metrics that allow you to measure their performance. This section focuses on the core insights and metrics that you can glean from your social media platforms.

Measuring engagement means you’ll take an in-depth look at the specific social posts that brought in the highest number of likes or shares, as well as the lowest. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram each offer an in-depth Insights section within the tools that provide access to the time of day you receive the most social media hits, the posts that were the most successful, the number of individuals that have viewed your profile, and even more.

Social Media Conversion Rate

A social media conversion rate is a useful metric to assess whether your social platforms are converting a follower into a supporter. It measures the percentage of followers who take a certain action, which could include different activities like donating, registering for a volunteer day, opting into your newsletter, or RSVPing for an event. This metric is easily measured when looking at your website’s traffic. If you use tools like Google Analytics, you’ll be able to discern which social media platforms your site’s visitors came from and the types of activities that they completed. By measuring the conversion rate, you’ll be able to see which social media platforms are generating the most conversions for you, and in turn, the most value to your mission.


Traffic from Social Media

If you maintain social media profiles and include links to your site, or if other organizations tag you with a link to your website, you may be gaining visitors from social media platforms. Within certain tools, you can view the platforms that are driving the most traffic to your site or even see which posts are the most successful at converting your social media followers into website visitors.

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Social Media Followers

You should regularly view your follower count to assess the number of individuals that have followed (or unfollowed) your organization. If you are gaining follows from month to month, that could be a good indicator that your brand recognition and scope are increasing. However, it’s critical to note that this metric becomes even more useful when compared to your conversion rate. If your follower and social media conversion rates are rising in tandem, you should dive into these insights to assess the specific elements of your social media profiles that are driving individuals to your website and content. If your follower rates and conversion rates are moving in opposite directions, some of your content may not be having the intended effect.